Chimera Short Ram Air Intake System - Honda Monkey 125 (2022+)

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Chimera Engineering Short ram air intake system for 2nd generation 2022+ Honda Monkey 125! Direct bolt-on intake system that will allow your 5-Speed Monkey 125 to breathe! Built-in air snorkel that will help increase airflow! Unlike other intake kits on the market, the Chimera Short Ram Intake retains the OEM IAT sensor so that'll get the most accurate reading. It also recirculates the crankcase breather. This intake design was a perfect fit! The space around the throttle body and the frame is very tight, but Chimera got it done! Chimera Engineering designed this intake to fit with either OEM Exhaust or aftermarket exhaust systems!

This intake would fit only the 5-speed Monkey 125, which is 2022+, it will not fit the previous year.

Chimera Engineering Short Ram 2022+ Honda Monkey 125 intake system will directly replace the entire factory air box without the need to modify anything! Chimera Short Ram intake is positioned to allow a more direct, cooler, and fresher air into your engine, giving you better throttle response and better performance. Increase airflow and at the same time, get a nice deep throaty intake sound while you ride around! When it comes down to race time, you have the option to remove the air filter and expose a velocity stack/air snorkel to increase airflow! Made from aluminum and powder-coated textured black for the final finish.

Chimera Engineering Short Ram Intake has been proven over and over again to increase HP without harming torque! This should the first thing to do on your Mini Moto!



  1. Install the coupler onto the throttle body first with the hose clamps positioned to where it's easily accessible.
  2. Transfer the IAT sensor from the OEM airbox to the Chimera Short Ram Intake Tube
  3. Install the Chimera intake tube onto the throttle body coupler, install the breather hose, cutting is NOT needed! Loop the hose right beneath the frame.
  4. Plug in the V2 IAT sensor extension harness.
  5. Fit the air filter onto the Chimera intake tube.
  6. Adjust the position to your preference and then tighten everything up.