Chimera V2 CNC Clutch Lifter Plate - Honda Grom 125, Monkey 125 (2014-2020)

The High Crew LA

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Chimera Engineering V2 CNC clutch pressure plate is made from T-6061 aluminum! Chimera clutch plate is a direct replacement from the weak cast aluminum OEM unit that generally breaks when stiffer clutch springs are installed. The V2 version has been improved to handle up to 80% clutch springs! Perfect for all types of riding, from stunt, racing, to cruising!

Highly recommended for those who are planning to run stiffer clutch springs, the increased spring rate will put more stress on the clutch plate tabs. It's not a question IF the weak OEM cast aluminum plate will break, but WHEN will it break. Replace the OEM unit with a Chimera one and ride worry free!

The Chimera V2 redesigned the clutch plate to hold the stiffest clutch springs available on the market! The V2 version is an update from the 2014 design.


  • Honda Grom 125 OG/SF, JC61, JC75 4 speed (2014-2020)
  • Honda Monkey 125, JB02 4 speed (2019-2020)

Made in the USA.