GromPumps '14-20 and Monkey

The High Crew LA

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GromPumps are new OEM Honda oil pumps with the pickup location modified to be fully immersed in oil whether your on the kick stand warming up the bike or pulling a wheelie down dem skreetz, son!

Fits '14-'20 Grom and Monkey.

Your pump is aluminum, your case is aluminum, your pickup tube should be aluminum as well! GromPumps use a 5/16" aluminum tube which is very close to the ID of the oil pathways in the stock pump. Using a smaller 1/4" copper tube just restricts the flow to the pump. Copper 1/4" tube is easy to get and cheap. The cheap way is usually not the best way. I don't cheap out on my people. You deserve a better product that's going to work as good or in the case of wheelies, better than the OEM system with respect to oil flow and pickup.

New pickup tube is brazed in place with AL rod and sealed to ensure no air leaks at the pump! No JB Weld in GromPumps! Comes pre-primed with light assembly grease.